Our bracelets don't claim to give you super powers or balance anything in your life, they're simply handcrafted with lots of love, one by one from real hockey pucks.


Feel free to wear your puck luck bracelet with pride everywhere you go and show your hockey pride. After all, we all need a little puck luck with us don't we?


The puck luck bracelet is the first ever handmade bracelet from an authentic puck. Made by the trusted Clear D Zone products, used by most NHL arenas. Our bracelets come from an authentic and offical hockey puck. With a high quality clasp, and completley hand-crafted from scratch. These bracelets are the real deal.

"PuckLuck" Bracelet

Thickness of Bracelet
Wrist Size
  • Custom sizes are available made to order. Tio measure your writst, please use the link below for a printable ruler: https://printable-ruler.net/#

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