Our Pig Skin phone cases are made with real NFL leather!

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Our Rink Glass Polish is used by nearly all professional hockey arenas

Clear D Zone Rink Glass Polish is used in community rinks, professional arenas, and other venues across the United States, and even up to Canada. Our rink glass polish is used and trusted by nearly all NHL arenas and teams.


Athletica, our exclusive distributor, manufacturers the hockey rink boards and acrylic glass used in most professional hockey arenas for many NHL teams.


With our cleaning products, you can restore your hockey glass with ease and efficiently.


Clear D Zone also offers hockey glass maintenance training, restoration services, dasher board ad installations, anti fog solutions for outdoor games, and so much more!


For more information please contact us. For rink glass polish and more products please visit Athletica's website below to place an order.

To purchase Clear D Zone Rink Glass Polish, please click below to order from our exclusive distributor, Athletica:

We are a business out of California trusted and used by most NHL teams. At first we started with our "Rink Glass Polish", Clear D Zone rink glass polish. Our polish is used in 29 out of 31 NHL arenas. We got our start by maintaining and servicing Honda Center and other local arenas. Over time, our business slowly grew to more than rink glass polish and maintenance. Clear D Zone now offers a product line which consists of a very unique variety of authentic and game used goods. Each and every one of our products are handcrafted with care. Our products are high quality sports memorabilia and only offered by Clear D Zone Products. We are very proud to be and say that we are a business out of Southern California!

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We are a green company...

When Glass from a hockey arena gets too old or damaged where does it go? Usually it is discarded, due to it being worth practically nothing when recycled. Instead of this, we reuse the glass, and bring it back to life with our rink glass polish. From there it is made into a historical and unique key chain, ornament, or award... a re-purposed piece of game used glass from an NHL arena!

Our products are unique, high quality, and make great gifts!

We specialize in making very unique sports and hockey products you can't find anywhere else. All of our products are made from real authentic sporting material, and most of our products are actually game used. We have a diverse selection of high quality sports products varying from phone cases made out of REAL HOCKEY PUCKS to GAME USED HOCKEY STICK bottle openers. Enjoy shopping with us!

Our bottle openers are game used and the highest of quality...

We are teamed up with professional hockey teams in order to prevent hockey sticks from being discarded after they are broken in-game. take those broken   hockey sticks and re-purpose them. made into your very own piece of the game... a one-of-a-kind Game Used hockey stick bottle opener! We have a variety of sports and hockey memorabilia and novelties... like authentic hockey puck and baseball openers!

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